Friday, January 30, 2015

I'm halfway there!

Chemo #3 finally went ahead and went well on this past Wed. No major side effects so far...except this insomnia craziness! My good friend Angie came along and we had lots of fun chatting as she whipped up another crocheted dish cloth. Thanks for being there for me! Rachel lets me borrow her "Baby Minou" (precious stuffed cat featured in the photo below) to comfort me each time. I have to do 10 days of injections following the chemo this time, instead of the usual 7 because they want to make sure my white blood cell count won't go down too low again. Not looking forward to that, but trying to give myself a good talking to and convince myself it's not so bad. I'm still such a chicken when it comes to needles. I really don't turn after my Mom, the nurse! Daniel, my private nurse, is standing on call, ready to be overworked if necessary. ha, ha! He's such a good sport about it all and has his only personal assistant nurse in Rachel, who sets up everything beforehand and makes certain with much seriousness that he has sanitized his hands before and more than once if ever he happens to touch something before my injection! Maybe we do have a future nurse in the family.
I am feeling thankful and encouraged to finally reach this milestone in my chemo treatment - only 3 more treatments to go! The next 3 are going to be with another type of medication, which may bring on different side effects. We'll just take it one treatment at a time and face whatever challenges come up then.

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