Friday, January 23, 2015

My battery is low

This thing called cancer is weird! Just yesterday when I read a friend's prayer request for 3 ladies who are going through cancer treatments, I found myself surprised to see my name among them! It was like once again I didn't belong in that club - why was my name there, I'm not sick. I'm totally normal?!

Oh my!! Sometimes it still seems so unreal. But then my body screams:"Go to bed. Take a nap!"  My battery light is flashing that energy is getting low, the alarms are sounding! And reluctantly (yes, I know this is hard to grasp) I go to bed for a nap or a rest. Why do I fight this so? Why can't I just give in graciously to my body's demands, with peace and serenity? Why can't I realize that stopping and resting is the biggest and most important job I have to accomplish now, at this moment in my life? I have always been a go, go, go person, a busy bee. Guess I turn after my Aunt Violet! Stopping and putting my life on hold while I get through this is one of my biggest challenges. I think this is harder than the physical side effects. I know that in cancer, the biggest battles are those waged between one's two ears, in the mind. So I continue on with hope, that I will win this battle also and run to the finish line of this race. Because yes, it is a marathon and not a sprint!

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